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Background to Enlish prononciation (41275)

Background to Enlish prononciation (41275)

Szerző: N/A

Kiadás éve: 2006

Kiadó: Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó Zrt.

Nyelv: angol

ISBN: 9789631957914

Kötés: fóliázott karton

Oldalszám: 303

Állapot: Rendelhető

Normál ár: 3 500 Ft

Eötvös ár: 2 975 Ft

A te árad:
2 975 Ft


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Részletes leírás

This ?book is primarily intended for B.A. students in Hungarian higher education training to become teachers of English. It includes much less theory - i.e. much less "linguistics" - than a standard university textbook would, and much more practical material, thought to be helpful for the future teacher.As a practical textbook for Hungarian teacher trainees, it gives linguistic arguments only as background when necessary. It does not contain much of the phonological argumentation that is normally required at university level. The treatment is selective: it concentrates on the difficulties of Hungarian learners, while it often ignores things that are not important from a Hungarian point of view.The three main fields covered arephonetics,phonology, andspelling(or "letter-to-sound rules"). These contribute about equally to a good pronunciation, and to good pronunciation teaching, therefore they are given about equal weight. There is less emphasis on phonetics proper than traditionally (i.e. less detail of articulation and methods to eliminate a foreign accent), while more than usual is spent on rules of phonology, and even more on letter-to-sound rules.The book uses the Gimson transcription, explaining the logic (and some of the limitations) of that system. There are twelve expositive chapters, serving as a syllabus of a one-term lecture course. "Questions for Revision" are provided at the end of each chapter, and a detailed Bibliography appears at the beginning of the volume. The book is based on British pronunciation (RP).

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